Extra Enjoyable Options in Ufone and Warid Pakistan

Ufone especially is doing quite a good job out of it with not only achieving popularity among the more economical and/or middle class that is abundant across the nation.

Ufone Pakistan not only implies some very practical, attractive, and flexible bundles in messaging, calling and many other smart features such as call block, and Uth package along with various security protections on lost SIM cards. Focusing on the more bright side of the picture Ufone brings out a unique array of entertaining features enough to make the carrier your perfect sidekick wherever you may be.

Utunes and Umovies are those fun features, available to all customers, right from their carrier portal through their handset. They are some iTunes similar listing of the latest, most downloaded, most popular and so-on-classified listings of songs and movies.

Apart from that Ufone has introduced its very own WAP gaming portal with which one can play on a vast network through mobile WAP or GPRS enabled mode.

And other networks also aim to have a fair share in the promising outlook to this climbing mobile user state. Warid Pakistan is also on the run up this ladder, being another one of Pakistan’s leading yet Gulf based businesses. In contrast to the economical niche market we will be looking at Warid’s higher grade business class services.

One such amazing advent of Warid’s business class services is the closed User Group, which is more like a LAN network but on mobile phones. Users can communicate freely between each other while being members of this unique network. In addition package plans are applied and one can choose the desired plan with its more compatible rates.

Warid Pakistan also presents the business RBT feature in which businesses can modify their caller tunes on all dialing and mobile machines within their local network to match a company tune or logo. You are liable to as much number of devices you wish to load up with that ring tone as you wish; all at drop-down rates and flexible conditions.

Corporate RBT can furthermore be as a marketing, promoting or advertising medium to your company to greet your clients.

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